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Jing'an Center, Shanghai Financial Street

Jing'an Center, Shanghai Financial Street

(Summary description)

Jing'an Center, Shanghai Financial Street

(Summary description)

Financial Street Holdings Co., Ltd. entered the Shanghai market for the first time and built the "Financial Street (Jing'an) Center" urban complex project. The project is located at the intersection of Kangding Road, Wanhangdu Road, Jing'an District, with a total construction area of 76,000 square meters. The project includes two 5A-level office buildings, a 22-story international apartment building, a 7-story villa-level mansion, and a boutique commercial on the ground floor of the office building.
International apartments and villa-level mansions adopt international first-line brands, all of them are delivered with hard decoration, a total of 140 units, and the unit area is 150-180 square meters.

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