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Golden Eagle Summit Hotel Yancheng

Golden Eagle Summit Hotel Yancheng

(Summary description)

Golden Eagle Summit Hotel Yancheng

(Summary description)

Yancheng Golden Eagle Summit Hotel is a five-star business hotel invested, built and managed by Nanjing Golden Eagle International Group. The hotel is located in the administrative center of Yancheng City, with the shopping, leisure and entertainment full-life center-Golden Eagle Tiandi Plaza Melt into one!
The building area of the hotel is 36,000 m2, the building is 146 meters high, 32 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. The first phase has 220 sets of various luxury business rooms; there are 1,000 seats, including a banquet hall for 500 people, and a meeting There are 8 rooms; fitness and entertainment facilities include indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, and yoga room.

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